Friday, 2 August 2013

July review

I'm £20 down in July and that's fine.  I think my trading skill level has increased in this month more than any other time.  I can scalp, scratch without hesitation and read the market better recognising potential price swings.

My downfall is still going in-play and not cutting losses quick enough.
I guess it's good that I know what my problems are but unless I reduce these weaknesses, I cannot use significantly increased stakes.  So, for now I will concentrate on this side of trading, minimising losses.

Here's a good video, 15:25 Nottingham, which demonstrates I am reading the market better and reacting in a sensible manner to avoid any danger. Initially, the prices were bouncing around and I couldn't work out which horse to trade then with about 02:30 remaining, it was obvious at the time.  Although, looking back, I missed an outsider, Rising Breeze, steaming in which would have been an even better move to get on.

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