Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Post

I am a Potential Sports Trader.  As I am currently between jobs, the time I have to determine if this is possible is limited by personal financial constraints.  I have been playing occasionally with Sports Trading for around a year and half with inconsistent results but down overall.  My aim is to trade everyday, gain that consistency and gradually use increased stakes.

The blog description is:
Can I make an income from Sports Trading?

This is the question to myself which I am trying to answer.  So, how much is an income?
Well I need to set a target and I think initially £50 a-day would be an income.

So, why do a blog?
  •  I haven't done one before, it gives me something to do and it might be fun.
  •  It might convince family and friends that I am not wasting time and just gambling.
  •  It might help with my discipline by discouraging me from gambling when I get it wrong.
  •  It will track my progress or lack of it!
So, for now, I am going to concentrate on trading horse racing before the start of the race.  But I might also trade on football and tennis.

I will try and post daily my Betfair Profit and Loss, be it good or bad!  And finally, please post comments about anything I have written and I promise to reply.

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