Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Out of Sync

Today's P&L:  -£4.16 

Today was quite frustrating where I was never in sync with the market.  I tried looking for swings thinking the price would go one way and of course it flew the other way resulting in a loss.  As I was using multiple £10 stakes, the liabilities were relatively large, up to £80, so I'm glad I easily took the losses and never gambled by going in-running.
Anyway, I have recorded my trading so I need to analyse where I went wrong.

Hey just an update having watched the recording for the 14:45 Bath race where I made a loss.  Whilst trading, I listen to Timeform radio and basically, there were two favourites, Waseem Faris and Powerful Wind.  Well the radio presenters were raving about the 2nd favourite, Powerful Wind, so I layed Waseem Faris for a total of £40.  But as the presenters continued to say how strong Powerful Wind looked, the price drifted and Waseem Faris price shortened.  This is unusual and I just checked the results and neither of the two favourites were placed. So, don't always believe what you hear!